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Hey, all. I'm new here, and hoping this is not a discussion that has been worked to death in the past.

I have been a fan of Hedwig and the Angry Inch since I first saw it released at Sundance years ago. I have seen it in theatres, shadow casted, and live, and loved its dark sense of humor.

My relationship with the film changed this year, when my life was forever changed by breast cancer. Six months ago, I found a lump in my left breast. Here I am, half a year later, happy to have my life, in love with a second chance to exist.

My fertility and gender were taken by treatment. I have no hair, no breasts. For the most part, I take this in good humor; my BF and I are lovingly calling my current state my alter-ego of Mr. Clean.

However, some nights, bitterness and anger take over. I look in the mirror, and want to break it when I see my body. My reflection is an exquisite corpse. "A hardened razor-cut scar-map across my body. And you can trace the lines through misery's design that map across my body."

This song has become a coping mechanism of sorts for me. Strange as it sounds, when I get sad, I watch that song, shed a few tears, and then want to scream and break oranges across my front side!!! GRAWR!!! Fuck cancer. This is what I've got to work with now, and I WILL learn to love it!

Hedwig has helped me to be a survivor.

Does anyone else have any particular songs that have personal meaning to them? Just curious.

Thanks for letting me share. It's good therapy.
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