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One Night Only! Hedwig Sing-A-Long film with live shadowcast! March 27th, 2010 Wilmette, Illinois!


Nationally known shadowcast troupe Midnight Radio will perform along with the film and lead the sing-a-long in this Glam Rock Odyssey!

Adapted from the critically acclaimed off-Broadway rock musical hit, the film, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, tells the story of an ‘internationally ignored’ rock singer, Hedwig, and her search for stardom and love. Born a boy named Hansel whose life’s dream is to find his other half, Hedwig reluctantly submits to a sex change operation in order to marry an American G.I. and get over the Berlin Wall to freedom. The operation is botched, leaving her with the aforementioned ‘angry inch’. Through a collage of amazing songs, comedic monologues, flashbacks and animation, Hedwig tells her tumultuous life story in a way that reinvented the rock musical.

Chicago-based live fan shadowcast troupe Midnight Radio will perform simultaneously onstage along with the 2001 Sundance Award winning film, Rocky Horror style, leading the audience participation. Featuring flamboyant costumes, outrageous hijinks, and special surprises, this one time show is a must see.

Calling all Hed-heads-- lift up your hands and sing-a-long with Hedwig! For those of you that don't know all the words yet, the lyrics will be projected onscreen along with the movie's sound and picture.

For fans of rock music, sing-a-longs, musicals, cult films and/or just plain fantabulous fun, this is a don't miss event! Buy your tickets today before this exclusive show sells out!


Saturday, March 27th @ 10:00pm
Wilmette Theatre, 1122 Central Ave Wilmette, IL 60091 847-251-7424
(Wilmette is a near north shore suburb of Chicago)

Buy Tickets online now here (don't wait, we will sell out early!)

here's a video clip of Midnight Radio from a recent show in Chicago at the Music Box:

facebook page for event:
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