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Rarer Videos


I realize this may be a bit of a longshot considering this community hasn't been updated in awhile, but I'm looking for a some rare videos from back in the Off-Broadway days. And as a note, for anyone reading this in the future: it does not matter how long it's been since this has been posted, I will always be interested in finding these shows. If/when I find them, I'll come back and cross off the ones I've found.

I am available for trading/purchasing/viewing/whatever you deem appropriate and I love being forwarded information or links to people who have what I'm looking for. My email is turnonthe8track/gmail.com or you could contact me either here or on tumblr (turnonthe8-track.tumblr.com)

  • The Bowery Ballroom (2/17/99) featuring John Cameron Mitchell, and includes apperances by Michael Cerveris, Joan Jett, Miriam Shor, Stephen Trask.

  • Vynyl Club with Michael Cerveris and includes apperances by John Cameron Mitchell, Miriam Shor, and Stone Temple Pilot.

  • Hedwig at the Wetlands Preserve 10th Anniversary Concert. Stars Michael Cerveris as Hedwig, but John Cameron Mitchell and Kevin Cahoon show up for an allstar jam session to The Who's "Substitute"

  • Easter Bonnet Competition, 1999, presented by Kevin Spacey, Brian Dennehy & Judi Dench, featurings the casts of Sound of Music, Lion King, Les Mis., Miss Saigon, Ragtime, Chicago, Beauty & the Beast, Jeckyll & Hyde, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, Kristin Chenoweth plus others.

  • CD Release Promo Video. Short clip with interviews from Stephen Trask and John Cameron Mitchell plus clips from the show.

  • Hedwig's TV appearances collection --- Hedwig shows up on Letterman (John Cameron Mitchell), Rosie (Michael Cerveris), NY1 (Michael Cerveris), Martin Short Show (Michael Cerveris), Rosie (Michael Cerveris) E! News Daily (Michael Cerveris), Rosie (Ally Sheedy), NY1 (Ally Sheedy), Anatomy of a Scene (movie clips/interviews), and Rosie (John Cameron Mitchell). Quality varies.

  • Hedwig in Boston -- Kevin Cahoon as Hedwig

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